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Eileen S

  • Makoplasty surgery
Dr. Lent did a MAKOplasty partial knee replacement three months ago on me --- I am amazed at how great my knee feels. I never thought I would be pain-free again. I suffered for years with constant pain and aches in my knee. The surgery was unbelievably easy - I actually walked out of the hospital 48 hours after the surgery. St. John's Riverside hospital was fantastic. The staff was very attentive, and the rooms were immaculate. I was skeptical to write this review too soon -- so I waited to see how I felt a few months later. My knee has progressively felt better and better. I have stability, no pain - and I can sleep at night painfree! Thank you so much, Dr. Lent! At 54 years of age, I feel like I have a twenty year old knee. I wish my other knee felt as strong as my new knee does. I will probably return to have the other one done.

Barbara O.

  • Partial Knee Resurfacing
I recently had a partial knee replacement conducted by Dr. David Lent at St. John's Riverside Hospital. I am currently undergoing physical therapy three times per week and feeling better everyday. A big thank you to Dr. Lent and the physical therapy team at Southern Westchester Orthopedics!!!!

Sal G.

  • Carpel Tunnel Surgery
I would like to thank Dr. Eric M. Spencer and his complete staff for the splendid job they did in arranging both my carpel tunnel surgeries, first back in July 2013 for one arm and the other this August 2014. I am deeply appreciative of the attention to detail in completing all the paperwork that was necessary for my workman's compensation. The staff was very professional and made the whole process easy for me. I'm finally pain free and highly recommend the Southern Westchester Orthopedics & Sports Medicine office and group of doctors. They are 2nd to none. Thank you again!

Nadine C

  • Knee Surgery
I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee to repair a torn meniscus on August 12, 2014 . I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Immediately after the surgery, I could bed my knee fully and I was able plant my foot flat on the floor. Shin a very short time I was walking normally. The BEST part was that I had no pain, a little discomfort, but no pain. Dr. Lent is an outstanding orthopedic surgeon with excellent bedside manner. He always timely returns phone calls and takes the time to explain the proceedure and what to expect afterward. He has a caring and professional office staff and the physical therapists are outstanding as well. I highly recommend Dr. Lent!


  • Knee pain
I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Joseph. He displayed an aura of excellence while at the same time was compassionate and caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an orthopedic condition


  • partial knee replacement surgery
Dr. Spencer, Dr. Lent , Dr. Joseph and Dr. Edelson are GREAT! After my Partial replacement knee surgery, I was back to work in 2 1/2 weeks. After 1 month 1/2, I can tap dance. THAT'S GREAT!!!! As an athletic person, they always get me back on my feet making it possible for me to continue my multiple sport interest. I can't thank them enough. Fareedah

Charmaine Maragh

  • Surgery
I just wanted to thank Dr. E Spencer for the great job (Surgery) you have done. You have help me a lot and i appreciate you kindness towards your patients. May God bless you and your team always. I would to add a comment to your about your staff especially Christine who work so hard at the front desk. She is always pleasant and friendly. I can say that all the staff at Southern Westchester Orthopedics are very caring and know how take care of the patients. Keep on helping and caring. God will bless you.

Jeremy Liker

  • surgery
Dr. Eric Spencer is awesome. He performed very sensitive Surgery on my hand and I had amazing and complete recovery. I can't thank him and his incredible staff enough. He is an amazing surgeon who cared about my future. My family and I are grateful.

Lorrie Speckmanv

  • MAKO partial knee replacement
Friday surgery, Saturday climbing stairs, no pain no problem! Home Sunday. Did not need therapy, no limitations. I highly recommend Dr. Lent to fix your knee problems. I am better than ever, I even now go to the gym daily, something I had given up a long time ago. Truly amazing surgery by a truly amazing surgeon.

Terry M.

  • bilateral MAKO
Would just like to say that my experience was top notch. From the office staff, who were helpful above and beyond, to the Doctors and PA. Everyone is knowledgeable and thorough. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking to have any type of orthopedic treatment. Thanks again and again!!

Diane H.

  • Meniscus tear
Dr. Lent performed arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my right knee. From the time I first met with him, he was very professional and explained the necessary treatment in detail. He was extremely reassuring and made me feel confident in the procedure and full recovery. The surgery went very well, and my recovery has been even better than expected. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Lent, and would heartily recommend him.

Brendan L

  • knee surgery
I remember my brother in law went to Dr. Lent in 2001. He always seemed so happy with the repair to his ACL. So when I had the same injury, I also went to him and was just as pleased. The surgery and recovery was unbelievable. Thank You Dr.Lent.

Rita N.

  • makoplasty
I had makoplasty surgery with Dr. Spencer two years ago on my left knee and everything went well.I decided to do my right knee and to my amazement it has now been 6 weeks and everything is great. I already can bend my knee more than I have in many years. Dr. Spencer is a caring and attentive doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. He also has an excellent staff supporting him and anytime I had any questions or concerns they were always quick to answer my questions. He also has an excellent physical therapy department located in his office.

Jason Marescie

  • Ulnar Nerve Transpostion
Dr. Spencer did a awesome job on my arm I have now fully recovered. The whole process was very smooth with very little pain And almost no discomfort. The staff at both St. John's Riverside Hospital and Southern Westchester Orthopedic are wonderful.

Nick C.

  • ACL Reconstruction
Dr. Lent has an excellent bedside manner, taking the time to make sure I was fully informed every step of the way. He took the time to answer my questions so that I felt confident during and after surgery.
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