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Grateful Patient

  • Knee Surgery
Superb Orthopaedic Surgeon by Grateful Patient Dr. Lent operated on my knee and I am thankful for his remarkably skillful expertise. He extended care beyond all expectations. I feel great relief because of the care he extended to me. Thank you, Dr. Lent for being a great doctor and surgeon!

Ingrid Abreu

  • left hand carpal tunnel surgery
I'm very grateful for all the staff at the Southern Westchester Orthopedics and to the stall at St John's Riverside Hospital. Dr. Lent who's a great doctor, referred me to Dr. Spencer his partner who a Hand Specialist . We spoke of my concerns regarding surgery but he assured me that everything would turn out ok . I'm telling you that from the moment I woke up, I felt a difference in my hand. No more pain. Wow. Thank you very much for being a great doctor and a caring person.

K. Paulercio

  • Knee replacement
Dr. Lent worked wonders for me. I had a partial knee replacement and within weeks I was up and walking without support. My physical Therapy went great. I will definitely go back to him to have my other knee replacement. Thanks Dr. Lent

Frances Boffa

  • Total Knee Replacement
I have been a patient of Dr. Lent's for several years now. Two years ago I had a total knee replacement done by him, and more recently a surgery on my rotator cuff. He is the most understanding doctor I have ever dealt with. Before the operation I saw him in his office where he explained the entire procedure to me. This comforted me before my surgery. I recommend him to everyone who is having problems with their knees or any other orthopedic issue. I would not be walking the way I am today if it wasn't for him. Thank you very much Dr. Lent.

Lori Matta

  • partial knee replacement
Dr. Lent came highly recommended by a friend who had the same problem as I and had the MAKOplasty surgery. My surgery was only six days ago and already I am doing very well. Although I am still using a cane part of the time, I am able to walk on my own. While my friends waited for the surgery to be over they met Dr. Lent and he was friendly, patient and informative. I had a great deal of faith that things would go well and I have even more faith in Dr. Lent now. If I should ever need further orthopedic surgery, though I hope not, I would certainly come to him.


  • ganglion cyst
The staff at SWO&SM are the nicest, most down to earth people I have met. The front desk girls are always pleasant, helpful and informative. The surgery scheduling girls are terrific. they talk and write out everything as well as explaining any and all inquiries. The X-Ray techs are also so friendly and really show that they care. The atmosphere in this office creates a truly pleasant experience and it shows why these doctors are so understanding, caring and excellent at what they do. Dr. Spencer is the best!!!

Roberta Lewis

  • Total Knee Replacement
This past May I had a total knee replacement done by Dr. Edelson, Dr. Spencer and Andrew Kirk, PA. I had been putting off getting the surgery for awhile, as I had heard so many stories of how painful and difficult the recovery process was. Though I intended to keep pushing off the surgery, my knee chose otherwise. One night I was awakened by a painful and dysfunctional knee. I had my surgery done in St John's Hospital. My experience there was wonderful - caring staff, excellent physical therapy, and more aware of my needs than I was. I returned to work after 5 short weeks with a new knee that I am so grateful to have. The doctors at Southern Westchester Orthopedics were so very good to me and calmed my fears - excellent job!

Pablo Sanz

  • Variety
As a former Athletic Director and current Assistant Principal in the City of Yonkers, I have had many athletes injured during athletic practices and contests over the last past years. Dr. Lent has been kind enough to treat me for most of them. When you work in a school environment, injuries take place on a daily basis. As an Administrator, you must trust in the care that is provided to your students when they sustain a serious injury. Dr. Lent has been there to care for my athletes over the last 14 years. He and his staff have diagnosed my athletes injuries and worked with them throughout the healing process. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has sustained a severe injury and is looking for a highly effective physician that cares and takes his job seriously. You are in good hands with Dr. Lent and his staff.

Karen P

  • Partial knee replacement Mako Plasty
I had the Mako Plasty surgery on October 1, 2013 performed by Dr. Lent. 2013. I was up and walking within 2 weeks, without the support of a cane or a walker. I returned to work in 5 short weeks and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I would highly recommend it to any one who is doubting it. As a matter of fact I have to go and get my other knee done, and I wouldn't choose any doctor other than Dr. Lent.

Louis Loizou

  • Knee replacement
Dr. Lent operated on my knee and I am thankful for his expertise. Dr. Lent is a great doctor and surgeon! He got me back on my feet, and back to work, in only two months! Louis Loizou, grateful patient

Andrew Young

  • MAKOplasty- Knee Resurfacing and Replacement
I have been a patient of Dr. Lent's for the past 10 years. I had cartilage surgery about 9 years ago and at the time Dr. Lent informed me that I will need a full knee replacement in the future and that I will know when the right time for this will come. I held off as long as possible out of the fear of hearing horror stories from friends who had knee replacement surgery from other doctors. They had bad experiences with the pain and healing process. My pain was increasing over the past year and continued until the point where it was constant every day. On Dec. 2, 2013, I knew the time had come. I had an appointment with Dr. Lent and after an MRI and Xrays, he confirmed that I was a perfect candidate for MAKOplasty Knee surgery. His kindness, caring and informative information about this surgery made me comfortable and I agreed to proceed with MAKOplasty. On Dec. 18th. I had the surgery and it went extremely well. St. John's Hospital staff were wonderful, attentive and kind. I was released the next day because I was able to walk around with a walker. I did not have to go to rehab. I went straight home. PT and a visiting nurse came to my house several times. I was walking with only a cane after 3 days, and was able to enjoy the Holidays with my family. Just about 2 weeks have gone by and everyone is amazed with my progress. I am walking without a walker or cane. Office visit with Dr. Lent today (12/30) and he was very happy with my recovery, healing and cannot believe that I am walking on my own. I am so confident about this procedure and Dr. Lent That I am ready to have my other knee done in a couple of months. I would recommend any body that needs a full knee replacement to see Dr. Lent for an consultation to confirm that they are a candidate for MAKOplasty Knee resurfacing/Replacement. I cannot express my gratitude and confidence in Dr. Lent for such a remarkable outcome. A very Happy Patient, Andrew Young.

Geraldine Brogan

  • Makoplasty
I met Dr. Lent many years ago. Dr. Lent operated on my rotator cuff, meniscus repair and broken wrist. Each time I recovered successfully and quickly. I recently moved to Rockland County and went to an orthopedic doctor there. I was told that I needed a complete knee replacement. In the meantime I was listening to the radio while driving and heard Dr. Lent talking about Makoplasty. A friend from Yonkers sent me a clipping on his procedure from the Journal News. I called and made an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Lent informed me that I was a candidate for the Makoplasty. I set up a date for the surgery. On August 30, 2013 I had surgery done on my left knee. My previous limp leg was now straight and functional. By December, I was back on the tennis court. THANKS DR. LENT

Mortessa G

  • partial Knee replacement
This was the best thing I could have done, It took me many years to come to this conclusion, The only regret is that mako was not around sooner, Dr Lent did an outstanding job on my knee, I highly recommend this procedure, it makes a great difference

D. Schultz

  • Makoploasty Right Knee
Best decision I ever made going to Dr. Lent. From the initial consultation to my surgery everyone I came in contact with was professional and caring. I was up and walking in days and after some physical therapy it felt like I had been given a new pain free life. Dr. Lent is the best.

mike conner

  • partial knee replacement
I have a new life. No more limping. No more pain! I was walking in a few days. Dr. Spencer and the staff at Southern Westchester Orthopedics opened a new door for me. I cant thank Dr. Spencer enough!!!
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