What Warrants a Visit to a Sports Medicine Specialist?

What Warrants a Visit to a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Simply stated, sports medicine focuses on injuries and prevention in a sports context. Certain types of injuries tend to cluster within various sports activities, such as sprains, joint problems, or repetitive strain injuries, like the notorious “tennis elbow.” 

None of these problems is exclusive to sports participation, though. Your job might require repeated motions that create injury, and turning an ankle can happen on a factory floor as well as a basketball court. 

Visiting a dedicated practice like Southern Westchester Orthopedics & Sports Medicine may be your best option even if your injury occurred away from the playing field. Everyone can benefit from the fitness, wellness, and the efficient body mechanics upon which sports medicine practices focus. 

Multidisciplinary approach

Your body is a complex piece of bioengineering, and its various systems interact in ways that are both obvious and hidden. A sports medicine practice focuses on the mechanics of movement because a breakdown of posture and efficient motion can lead to off-peak performance and injury. 

Another key focus of sports medicine is the treatment and recovery from sports injuries. Downtime to heal keeps an athlete out of the game, and it can also keep you from work or the daily tasks you count on being able to perform. 

Sports medicine specialists are typically orthopedic surgeons, doctors who provide care of the musculoskeletal system, and that’s the case with Dr. David Lent and Dr. Eric Spencer here at Southern Westchester Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

At some stage in your treatment, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and sports trainers may be involved. Their role is typically to strengthen muscles and increase the flexibility of soft tissue in the area of an injury. They may also work with you on the mechanics of movement to improve efficiency and performance as well as reducing the chances for reinjury. 

The advantage of orthopedics

As you’re likely aware if you follow sports, surgeries are often season-ending propositions. Largely, sports medicine practitioners exhaust all conservative treatments before turning to surgery, and when they must, they now rely on procedures that minimize the invasive aspects of incisions and damage to healthy tissue surrounding the site of an injury. 

Southern Westchester Orthopedics & Sports Medicine specializes in surgeries that use the Mako robotic arm system to dramatically increase the precision of procedures. 

While Mako’s robotic-arm assisted technology is primarily used for joint replacement surgeries, both Dr. Lent and Dr. Spencer are experts with other arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Whether your injury is major or minor, you can count on access to the knowledge and experience you need for fastest healing and recovery. 

It doesn’t matter if you suffered a joint or soft tissue injury while playing a sport, on the job, or working around the house. Your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery depend on the injury and not on where it happened. 

Sports medicine practices are the go-to destination for musculoskeletal injuries. In Yonkers, the Bronx, and Mamaroneck, New York, your choice is Southern Westchester Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Contact the nearest location by phone or online to arrange a personal consultation today. 

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