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Hip Replacement Specialist



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Hip replacement procedures have dramatically improved in recent decades, and the outlook for people who go through this process is also remarkably better. For residents of Yonkers, New York, David Lent, MD, FAAOS, and Eric Spencer, MD, FAAOS, of SOUTHERN WESTCHESTER ORTHOPEDICS AND SPORTS MEDICINE offer top-quality hip replacement services. Call or click today to set up a visit.

Hip Replacement Q & A

What creates the need for a hip replacement?

Your hip is one of the largest joints in your body. This ball-and-socket joint enables movements like walking and running, and also helps support the weight of your entire upper body. 

In the area where the bones of your hip meet, an area of cartilage works to cushion the bones and help them move easily. The entire hip joint is encased in a thin membrane that creates a special liquid called synovial fluid. This fluid works to lubricate the hip joint and enable painless movement. 

A problem with any of these joint components can create the need for a hip replacement. Some of the more common issues include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Childhood hip disease
  • Traumatic injury and/or post-traumatic arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis


It isn’t always possible to determine the exact cause of hip pain and limited joint function. Providing full information to your orthopedic specialist is important and helps guide the diagnostic process. 

Suppose you experience pain or stiffness in your hips, or find yourself with limited ability to walk or bend at the hip. In that case, you may want to schedule a diagnostic exam to determine if a hip replacement is a good fit for your specific set of needs. 

How does hip replacement work?

Your practitioner begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation. X-rays, other imaging, blood testing, a physical exam, and a discussion of symptoms are all part of the process. If your practitioner determines you’d be best treated with a hip replacement, you’ll learn what to expect. 

The team at SOUTHERN WESTCHESTER ORTHOPEDICS AND SPORTS MEDICINE uses the MakoⓇ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery system to perform cutting-edge hip replacement procedures. This system uses advanced software to create a 3D virtual model of your hip joint, which enables your surgeon to craft a customized surgical treatment approach. 

The process for hip replacement involves removing any damaged or diseased bone and cartilage before implanting an artificial ball and socket. The Mako system facilitates precise surgical movements, while reducing the risk of bleeding and other complications. 

Robotic-assisted surgery also yields faster recovery times, less pain, more accurate implant positioning, and better long-term results than traditional surgical options. 

If you’d like to learn more about hip replacement and what to expect, call today to set up a visit, or schedule online any time of day or night.